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Carsten Schabacher

Almost a Family Member

To day nursery and the office: ElektroBIKE editors extensively tested STEVENS E-Triton Luxe in everyday use – for taking the children to day nursery and as a car substitute. “It quickly became an indispensable family member.”

More than seven months and more than 2,000 kilometers ElektoBIKE’s test of STEVENS E-Triton Luxe lasted. Partly conducted with precious, but heavy freight: “Those who regularly pull 50 kilograms of additional weight in form of a child carrier plus two occupants, should think about purchasing an e-bike”, was the editors’ preliminary conclusion. The increase of quality of life and the absence of sweat stains on your office outfit were enormous.

Enormous enough to make the test editor’s family leave the car at home more and more often in favor of the touring pedelec with Bosch motor. On average they cycled 20 to 30 kilometers a day due to “an immediately noticeable and measurable effect: You go simply faster.” The motor’s support up to 25 km/h was especially useful with view of the heavily loaded carrier. This way 20 minutes were saved daily which could be spent with the family or at the office.

In particular on “short, but steep uphill passages” Triton Luxe proved effective while still being fun to ride: “The bike itself was above all doubt at any time”, testers judged and attested E-Triton Luxe “first-class riding characteristics” – this test only underpinned the test win in ElektroBIKE 1/2015. At the end of the test mechanics had little to do in the final check-up, wear was minimal even after 2,000 kilometers.

Bosch’s motor convinced the testers with its strong, sovereign character and proved to be a “strong tractor” already at medium support level. Editors also liked the reliable disc brakes that “worked very well even on downhill passages and with fully loaded carrier.”

Only details gave reason for criticism, e.g. a loosening bolt on a decoration element and a rather inaccurate range indication that at the beginning of the test left editors two times on the road without battery capacity. Though Triton could be ridden well on flat roads without motor, too – among other things due to “the grading of the high-quality gear system” -, it made riding uphill quite difficult. Inaccuracy probably was caused by the frequent changing between riding with and without carrier editors assumed. “A lot of fun” was the “versatile Nyon display”, however. The GPS computer convinced testers with a choice of route that was sensible most of the time. And “after an update the system appears grown up and more reliable”, testers concluded.

The long-term test in figures: 2,056 kilometers all in all; cost for electricity: 2.93 Euros

The conclusion: “No matter if used for pulling a carrier, family bike or riding to work: E-Triton proves to facilitate everyday activities. There were only some teething problems to be criticized as well as the inaccurate range indication.”

STEVENS E-Triton Luxe is available at STEVENS dealers in sizes 52, 55, 58 and 61 centimeters with Gent (diamond) frame, in sizes 46, 50 and 54 centimeters as Lady version and in sizes 46, 52 and 56 centimeters as low step in frame.

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