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Carsten Schabacher

“An E-Bike for Town and Country“

Pedelec magazine ElektroRad tested STEVENS E-Courier and concluded: “A great bike which is easy to handle” – on asphalt roads just like on farm tracks

The STEVENS E-Courier HS was a city pedelec which did not have to stay away from country roads, either, the editors wrote and were particularly impressed by the bike’s Active Line drive which “ideally fits the bike and meets all demands when it comes to liveliness, too.”

The E-bike with its lightweight, but robust diamond frame showed that “not necessarily a low-step frame is required to build a great city bike.” The testers also liked the smooth integration of the drive into the down tube and praised the wide operating range of STEVENS E-Courier HS: “The suspension fork expands the range beyond city borders to country roads and farm tracks.”

The 8-speed hub dynamo was fit for country adventures as well, the bike turned out to be a smooth ride which remained “unperturbed by swerves in roundabouts” and which was equipped with excellent brakes that also remained reliable in emergency breaking situations.
Conclusion: The E-Courier HS is an easy to handle bike and a convincing ride on rough terrain, too. A very good bike that can also be ridden in a sporty way.

STEVENS E-Courier HS is available in frame sizes 52, 55, 58 and 61 centimeters, as lady bike with tapered frame in frame sizes 46, 50, 54 centimeters and with forma low-step frame in sizes 46, 52, 56 centimeters at specialist STEVENS shops.

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