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Da Carpo!

The STEVENS E-Carpo pedelec and STEVENS P-Carpo urban bike score with shiny looks high-quality specs and a smooth ride – two elegant, modern companions for cruising the city with practical benefit and in style

Cities are the place where life is. Everything just goes a little faster than elsewhere, everything is a little bigger and sometimes more impressive. This atmosphere is part of the two STEVENS urban bikes’ design philosophy. The E-Carpo and the P-Carpo are zeitgeist on two wheels with fun being their utmost principle. Form follows function follows fun, so to say.

The hydroformed frame tubes of both STEVENS Carpo models not only look good they also provide the whole frame with high lateral stiffness and great directional stability. The rigid fork is made by super plastic process to boast low weight, high lateral stiffness and great longevity.

The E-Carpo’s Bosch Performance motor is linked to NuVinci Harmony shifters that feature an option for automatic shifting, so you only have to pedal, steer and enjoy your ride. Pure cycling, so to say. The P-Carpo features a Pinion gear box with nine tightly and closely stepped and easy-to-shift gears for comfortable city touring.

On both Carpos a silent, lubrication free and low-maintenance belt drive from Gates is responsible for power transfer to the rear wheel. Wide tires provide a smooth ride even over cobbles. Both bikes are slowed down by powerful hydraulic disc brakes with great modulation at any time. Despite all the similarities both models have their very own character.

While the E-Carpo features a pannier rack, mud guards and a lighting system and is designed for everyday-use and a calm ride with its less racy seating position, the P-Carpo can be retrofitted with many of these accessories but with its MTB-like frame is more of a sportster for riding in and around town with one thing in mind: Fast forward!

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