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Carsten Schabacher

”Had to Go All Out”

Wolfgang Kulow rides to third place at the Yukon Arctic Ultra-Marathon on his STEVENS Mobster XL

”The Yukon Artic Ultra through Canada’s wilderness is a very demanding race”, said Wolfgang Kulow after the race, back in Whitehorse, where the race had started. As trivial as his statement might sound considering distance, temperature and terrain conditions, the more honest was his statement after the race:

”I had to go all out, do everything that was possible. My STEVENS Mobster XL worked perfectly, just outstanding even at -28°C (-19°F).”

On his fatbike Wolfgang Kulow rode to third place at the Yukon Arctic Ultra marathon. On February 8th, after 4 days, 21 hours and 40 minutes he had conquered the 300 mile distance. In front of him were Florian Reitenberger (fatbike, 4d 10hrs) and Jan Kriska (runner, 4d 21hrs 24min).

For his task Kulow was given a STEVENS Mobster XL fatbike, built with pannier rack and hub dynamo that otherwise used standard equipment. The course went along a track groomed by snow mobile through Northwestern Canada’s wilderness. Yet it was studded with many deep-snow sections.

”Due to the difficulties of the terrain I had to push my bike a lot”, Kulow said, despite the 12cm (5in) wide tires of his Mobster that was loaded with 30kg (66lbs) of cargo. The participants had to carry all the necessary equipment like sleeping bags and food on their bikes. Help from outside was only allowed at food stops by means of hot soup and fresh water.

”If you want to be a top contender you need to find a compromise between cargo and power-output,” Kulow had said before the race. An add-on that most definitely made sense was the hub dynamo. Kulow: ”The SON hub dynamo generated a perfectly bright light, a great help while being alone on the trail.”

On the first three days Kulow held between place five and seven - depending on rest stops –, but with the extra amount of light I was able to ride through the final night.” The race can be watched the replay function of the live tracker. Find here further info about the - according to the organizer – coldest and hardest bike ultra-marathon in the world.

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