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Carsten Schabacher

Pinion Gearboxes in STEVENS Bikes

Where you normally find a regular bottom bracket shell that houses, well, the bottom bracket, the STEVENS P18 Lite and STEVENS P-Carpo feature a complete command center that provides the rider with respectively 18 or 9 tightly and evenly stepped gears.

In the STEVENS P18 Lite this means a huge bandwidth of 636 percent to find the right gear for any terrain, be it on a day trip or riding around the world.

The STEVENS P-Carpo uses the Pinion P1.9 CR with 9 perfectly stepped gears for cruising the city. Perfectly stepped means an even 17.5 % difference between gears and a 364 % bandwidth overall – just enough for the city and more comfort is not possible.
Pinion gearboxes guarantee optimal weight distribution due to being mounted below the bottom bracket and easy operation via rotary handle. The Pinion system is perfectly complemented by the silent and maintenance-free Gates belt drive.

By the way, Pinion gearboxes are developed and handmade in Germany. Pinion GmbH is located in Denkendorf, Federal State of Baden-Württemberg. Their motif: ”Striving for Perfection in technology”. We at STEVENS gladly apply with the STEVENS P18 Lite and P-Carpo and many additional highlights.

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