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Smooth Running, Reliable Touring Partner with Plenty of Traction

STEVENS Jura ES 29‘‘ impresses with smooth running, great chassis and a versatile performance on day trips in a test of MountainBIKE magazine (4/2016) and gets rated as “very good”

They were the “source of all riders’ joy”, describes MountainBIKE allround fullies with 29” wheels in issue 4/2016. They were the perfect all-purpose bikes for riders who wanted to spend 3,000 Euros max and liked long, steep touring rides uphill, but prefer riding down rather moderately steep paths.

Also when it comes to technical features allround fullies offered a good compromise: 120 mm spring travel was just right for these touring bikes – they offered a better pedaling efficiency than bikes with long spring travel and at the same time more traction and seating comfort than 100 mm race fullies.

Furthermore the editors got readers excited about spring coming soon, the motto being “More Fun on Tour”. In the current issue they tested backpacks and touring shoes, explain the “10 touring commandments” for a good start into the mountainbike season and present the editors’ favorite day trips.

Very well balanced
Most touring bikes in the test were either rather downhill or uphill oriented. STEVENS Jura ES 29“ was one of the bikes that were literally good at both. In general the touring fully turned out to be very well balanced, it was among the best in all test categories and even got the top score for its rear suspension.

Jura ES 29“ was a sporty ride, the rider sat slightly stretched. On trails the bike found its way safely “over rough and smooth”. It impressed with “enormous directional stability without loosing too much agility.”

Besides its versatility and the joy it brings when riding uphill and downhill passages, Jura ES 29“ scored with its specs: “Very well specced with Shimano’s XT groupset and goodies like Ergon grips.”

Fox chassis with double remote as well as Schwalbe’s 2.35“ wide Nobby Nic tires – with soft Trailstar Compound at the front “more anti-skidding and better than ever” – the touring fully from Hamburg offered the testers a lot on uphill and downhill passages: “The Hanseatic bike climbs really well. It does not float uphill, but it offers a lot of traction and climbs even the steepest paths. This great traction does not go missing when riding downhill.

“Ready for the future”
Editors particularly liked the so-called Boost axle standard. The wider axles – 110 mm at the front, 148 mm at the rear – offer more lateral stability and the standard would “probably establish as standard.”

“You want a bike that offers a smooth ride downhill and a velvety chassis? Reliable parts that convey security are important to you? Then Jura is your new touring and all-mountain partner!”

STEVENS Jura ES 29“ is available in wheel sizes 18, 20 and 22“ at specialist STEVENS shops. In addition to these there are Size Split sizes 18 and 20“ with 27.5“ wheels available (as well as in 16“).

Note: STEVENS Jura ES 27,5“ already was tested in issue 1/2015 of MountainBIKE magazine: “STEVENS Jura ES is a perfect symbiosis of fast touring fully and smooth running trail rocket – great chassis included. Also the specs gave hardly any reason for criticism.”

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