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Solid entry-level

TOUR tested road bikes up to 999 Euros and attests the San Remo calm riding characteristics in slightly sporty seating position


“With neutral seating position and calm riding characteristics the STEVENS can be recommended to a wide audience”, the description of STEVENS’ San Remo starts. The bike was part of a test of entry-level road bikes ranging up to 999 Euros in TOUR no. 3/2016.

As expected the engineering fireworks currently being burnt down in the field of modern carbon road bike frames were not to be found in the entry-level section, but solid, classic aluminum frames; San Remo’s black adonized frame offered good stiffness even for heavy riders and is available in seven frame sizes from 44 to 61 cm – decisive for a sporting device that has to fit perfectly.

TOUR writes about the frame’s exterior: “The frame is visually modern and appealing with its internal cable routing and fresh accents. At second glance it appears to be a little coarsely processed.”

Due to the bike’s overall weight of 9,170 grams in size 58 San Remo was the lightest in the field of four specialized trade bikes tested. In the base price range of 999 Euros it is important to spec the bike sensibly, functionally and in a well balanced manner. Included in the price of specialized trade bikes like those of STEVENS is furthermore an individual consultation by the specialist dealer.

Shimano’s revised Tiagra groupset (2x10) is a standard with this model year. In compact version with 50/34 teeth at the crank sprockets and 11-32 teeth at the cassette sprockets it turns the bike into a real mountaineer. TOUR writes about Tiagra: “Shimano’s basic Tiagra groupset in its latest version queues up with the groupsets of higher quality in terms of functionality and optics.” There is no disadvantage when it comes to functionality in comparison to higher-priced groupsets apart from not offering eleven rear sprockets. It is slightly heavier – 200 grams in comparison to Shimano 105 – and has ten instead of eleven rear sprockets.

Also the remaining specs were functional and trouble-free, Shimano’s wheels were solid, tires durable and puncture resistant. In 25mm version they furthermore offered slightly more shock absorption, also the saddle was very comfortable. The frame, however, responded rather directly to the road.

TOUR concludes the test of road bikes priced up to 999 Euros: “Riders looking for a new, affordable bike – to replace a bike entering its advancing years or to enter the sport or for using it as a second bike – can buy these bikes without hesitation.”

Regarding STEVENS San Remo the editors write: Solid, but comparatively heavy allrounder. Simple, but well working components, little comfort.

STEVENS San Remo is available in sizes 44, 47, 49, 52, 55, 58 and 61 cm at STEVENS specialist dealers.

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