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Potent E-full suspension bike for touring with speed in its genes

The main test requirement of eMTB magazine was: maximum riding pleasure. The STEVENS E-Pordoi+ passed the fun factor test as a "classy bike" without any problems - and when it comes to pricing, the E-full suspension bike got the "price-performance tip".

Tester describe the STEVENS E-Pordoi+ as classy bike with sleek geometry in their current issue 1.2018. The E-full suspension bike made in Hamburg was put to the test with eight other trail fullies. And the editors liked a lot about it: For example, the wide 2.8'' plus format tires, which "stand like a bulwark between the rough ground and the rider. Traction, comfort and maximum grip in bends can be attributed to the STEVENS without any doubt," the verdict reads.

The testers also praised the downhill behavior: The Pordoi+ loves downhill sections and is simply fun to ride. Thanks to the comparatively long rear end, it slides quickly over the trail. In addition, the E-full suspension bike with 140 mm front- and rear suspension travel has sufficient reserves to tackle even crisp descents.

Despite all the fun riders had during downhill attacks: the editorial team was most impressed by the safe feeling and the smooth running of the bike. Fitted with Fox spring elements, Schwalbe tires and Bosch CX engine, the E-full suspension bike was voted the price-performance winner of the test field.

All in all, at the end of the test eMTB editors were certain: "The E-Pordoi+ is a potent touring performer with speed in its genes. It offers a lot of E-mountain bike at a very attractive price."

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