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Sporty – Enduring – ”Good”

The STEVENS E-Lavena was given a solid 2.0 ”good” rating by German consumer safety organisation Stiftung Warentest in its recent pedelec test. It delivered long-lasting riding fun and offers very good detail solutions.

STEVENS E-Lavena with Bosch Active Line Plus Cruise motor
STEVENS E-Lavena with Bosch Active Line Plus Cruise motor

In a test field of 12 pedelecs between 2,500 and 2,900 Euros the E-Lavena with a solid ”good” rating took fifth place. The test winner’s rating at just 0.3 points better is not far off. All in all Stiftung Warentest handed out a ”good” (B) six times, two ”satisfactory” (C) and ”adequate” (D) each and one ”insufficient” (F).

The E-Lavena scored with best marks in the category ”motor”. The 1.8 rating (B+) is made up from tested criteria range, battery charging time, motor support, noise level and push-assist. The testers measured the E-Lavena with the largest range (87km/52mls) by far from the Bosch Active Line Plus motor powered by a Power Pack 500Wh battery. The total charging time of 3:40 hours was also the fastest in test.

Note: A pedelec’s range always depends on multiple factors. The range calculator from Bosch, recommended by STEVENS, for example factors in like rider, type of e-bike and environmental circumstances. In the category ”ride” the E-Lavena gets a 1.5 rating (A-), better than most bikes and better than all three bikes that share first place overall. The test report says: ”The sporty Stevens bike is a very nice ride, very nimble.”

In terms of handling the E-Lavena benefits from its relatively low weight of 22kg (50lbs), the second best in test. The maximum legal weight (rider + bike + cargo) of 140kg is even the best among all bikes.

In the category ”safety and durability” the E-Lavena performed in superior fashion: After a simulated 20,000km non-stop testbed ride the testers found ”nothing to complain”. Its specs - featuring hydraulic disc brakes from Shimano, bright IQ Avy T Senso+ headlight from Busch+Müller (including daytime running and automatic on-off function) with 40 Lux plus Shine Evo LED tail light integrated into the pannier rack from Racktime – all receive a ”++” rating.

The minor flaw of the bolts for saddle adjustment being hard to reach can easily be fixed by your dealer or even oneself by using the right tools. Also the testers pointed out the frame lock as a positive.

They tested the STEVENS E-Lavena Gent, which is available in sizes 52, 55, 58 and 61cm for 2,799 Euros at your certified STEVENS dealer. Also available is the STEVENS E-Lavena Lady (trapezoid frame) in 46, 50, 56 cm and Forma frame (low instep) version in 46, 50, 56cm.

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