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Comet 5.0 – Dream Bike with Top Marks

Tour-Test with brilliant result

"Four under Six"

Some of the best 2013 machines in the world market, all under 6 kgs, compete in the Tour Test. Certainly the November test is, among other things, about the best and lightest frame kits. The surprise in advance: the STEVENS Comet model, a high-value classic newcomer in the STEVENS collection, steals the limelight of the US American and German competition.

As the best frame in the test – with the second-highest score ever measured in the history of the Test! - and a top weight of 5.1 kgs, the northern light leaves the competition 300 to 800 grams behind.

The somewhat comet-like ascent has twofold significance: On the one hand, the history of the STEVENS Comet model, on the other hand the driving experience of a Comet pilot. Above all, uphill the dream weight of the machine lends wings to the rider.

The testers were especially taken with the extremely lightweight THM fork – a proprietary construction for STEVENS by the northern German carbon-nerd Thomas Mertin: “Sensational fork. Never before has there been a fork that gets a one in comfort and stiffness.” The Nimbus Fork is flanked by a Fibula brake and a Clavicula carbon crank by the same house.

The usually sober professional testers were raving about the equipment: “The Hamburgians have reduced the equipment weight to unbelievable 3.9 kgs. Extreme off-the-shelf tuning: STEVENS has never been so lightweight and expensive. Breathtaking weight.” Handling and the stiffness values of the frame and fork are kept on the safe side. Drivers are particularly surprised by the comfort of the innovative fork: “With the 283 g fork that is exclusively manufactured for the Comet, Mertin succeeds at squaring the circle. So far it was understood that forks can either get top marks in comfort or in stiffness. The Comet fork solves this contradiction for the first time.

Aside from the tested off-the-shelf bike Comet 5.0 SL, STEVENS offers the frame kit solo or in individual configurations from the Custom Road Programme. We believe: Never has it been more exclusive and more natural to treat yourself to the peak of modern frame-building. Let a test drive or playing through the individual configuration (starting at €2,799) convince you.

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