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More than 40.000 trade- and business-professionals from more than 100 countries and more than 20.000 consumers on saturday have had the same opinion concerning this year´s EUROBIKE: It´s been fantastic.
More than 1.800 journalists will communicate the EUROBIKE 2011.

No superlative without STEVENS. The STEVENS-booth, 400 qm and with a brand new design, had just enough space to show all the novelties: Bikes and the new catalouge.

The journalists and the STEVENS-dealers had the possibility to test-drive the new models on the "demoday". The STEVENS-test-bikes werde driven 80 % of the time. The favourites: The new STEVENS 29"-models, the STEVENS Stratos, the STEVENS Ventoux and the STEVENS Xenon.

"Our collection is very popular here: The design, the mounting, the prices and the whole range are pretty much what the targed group demands.", says Rainer König, Chief Sales Manager of STEVENS Bikes.

The very famous STEVENS riders Marianne Vos and Hanka Kupfernagel visited the STEVENS booth, they gave interviews and many many autographs. A british TV-team had an interview with Marianne Vos, later that day, Werner von Hacht invidet 500 (!) guests for the traditional "Ochsen am Spieß".

The STEVENS pedelecs were the hidden heroes. The Bosch- and BionX motors (which give power to the bikes) were drivin all the time – and kept the pace. That´s endurance....The tester´s facial expressions of the test drivers was: 50 % relaxed, 50 % happy.

The motorized bikes are a pretty new terrain for STEVENS, but for us, it´s a challenge: There´s so much potential and creative space – and I am very sure that we will use this space.", says Wolfgang von Hacht, STEVENS CEO.

STEVENS becomes more and more an international brand, knows Ralf Peintinger (the STEVENS Export Expert). "People love our bikes, and I had to give away my business cards. I gave them all away after two days – it never happened before".

So, our conclusion is very much like what all people say about the EUROBIKE: It´s been fantastic.

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