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Top-Performer: Super Prestige

Test Winner in ´Tour´ and ´Fiets´

© Tour Magazin

Autumn and winter – for racing bikers the annual time for entering the cross-scene. Europe’s largest racing bike magazine, ‘Tour,’ introduces new cross country machines in the November issue. The shopping advice and cross presentation concentrates on the brake system. Among the tested disc brakes, cantilever brakes and mini-v-brakes, one model stands out among all others: The Shimano CX 75 disc brake equipped on the STEVENS functionally marks the state of the art. “Their performance remains unfazed by dirt and wetness, they offer better running performance on a damaged freewheel and they hardly experience wear. Rather impressive: Pressure point, performance and precision are beyond all doubt, even difficult braking manoeuvres succeed without a problem from the brake handle position.

The Super Prestige machine itself receives the top overall mark in the testing field with a 1.6 and, as a disc model, weighs a whole 2 kgs less than the next best disc brake bike in the issue! This as well is an impressive testament to the exquisite bikes that can be built with the cross configurator...

The ‘Tour’ résumé for the test winner from Hamburg: “If you like modern technology, you’ll love the STEVENS. The thoroughbred racing bike with its lightweight carbon frame with Pressfit-bearings and integrated support paired with an electric Ultegra Di2 gearshift and mechanical Shimano CX75 disc brakes provides intense fun. Lightweight competitive crosser for racing: With the Di2 gearshift, disc brakes and tubular tyres technologically superior.

The complete test can be found on the Tour homepage.

In the Netherlands as well, a classic cross nation beside Belgium and the Czech Republic, the cyclocross tests in the magazines attract great interest. Market leader ‘Fiets’, the biggest racing bike magazine in the neighbouring country, tests no fewer than 10 current machines in the October issue. Not only the editors are conducting the tests, though. Readers of the magazine are going to the country in the practical part to put the crossers through the acid test.

After the evaluation of the drive tests and the lab data, the superior winner is the STEVENS Super Prestige Di2. With the top score of 8.0, the new model from Hamburg distances itself from two brands each from the US, Belgium, the Netherlands, Taiwan and even a classic Italian! The strong lineup of the test field virtually mirrors the top in cross racing.

“The top crosser by STEVENS impresses with its stiff down tube, weighs just 1175 g and offers a solid base for the top rank with its light fork and the electric Shimano Di2 equipment.”

This machine’s technological quality corresponds outstandingly with the superior driving impression and the top measured values.

The Super Prestige can be individually composed in the STEVENS cross configurator: As a disc brake model, with classic cantilever brakes, modern Di2 gearshift or mechanical drive, the Ultegra- and Dura Ace bikes form the peak of innovative cross bike building.

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