Strada 900

Poids 9,4 kg
Taille  48, 52, 55, 58, 61 cm
Cadre Aluminium SL 7005 TB
Couleur (s) Carrara White


Prix public conseillé
1 499,00 €

Rapide comme l'éclair

En roulant avec des roues Fulcrum Racing chaussées de pneus Continental Grand Prix Urban, le Strada 900 peut concurrencer des vélos de route. Et lors de compétitions, le changement de vitesses rapide et précis Ultegra permet au cycliste STEVENS de garder l'allure sans problème.

  • Vélo urbain léger et rapide avec des soudures parfaitement polies
  • Fourche en aluminium STEVENS S-Lite super légère pour une direction précise, avec axe traversant QR12
  • Transmission compacte Shimano Ultegra 2 x 11 vitesses
  • Freins à disque puissants Shimano Flatmount
  • Pneus ultra rapides Continental Grand Prix Urban


STEVENS S-Lite Aluminium Fork

S-Lite Aluminium Fork

This is what modern rigid forks look like: The straight fork legs and fork crown are made in one piece - this reduced the number of welds and guarantees highest stiffness and steering precision. Full-size mudguards and a low-rider pannier rack can be attached just as easily as an elegant head light bracket. The QR-15 thru axle version can additionally be made more safe against theft with the optional Pitlock system. And still the STEVENS S-Lite aluminium forks lives up to its name when put on a scale.

Multi-function dropout

Multi-function dropout

When bikes are as fast as our Urban models (Strada) and commuter roadbikes (Supreme), only thru axles and the latest Flatmount disc brakes come into question to give the rider 100 % control and confidence. In this new multi-function dropout, the integrated mounts for kickstand, mudguard and rack also provide an extra dose of everyday practicality.

Flatmount Disc Brakes

What is indispensible among pros is also available on this bike: Hydraulic disc brakes offering perfect modulation with minimal use of hand force also - or especially - in the wet due to their always constant braking power. This is beneficial in traffic just as it is on a fast and furious descent from a pass in the Dolomites. Or on a cyclocross race track where it's all about staying fast as long as possible. By using the Flatmount standard we can position the callipers closer to the frame and more elegantly than before. This saves weight without sacrificing performance and it looks so much better.

QR-12 Thru Axle f+r

QR-12 Thru Axle

It is especially important for disc brakes that ultra-lightweight road bikes are prepared to accommodate them in order to make the most of their advantages. So the forks and rear triangles of your disc road bikes are spec'd with extra-safe 12 mm thru-axles.

Triple Butted, Double Butted

Meaning a frame tube has three or two different wall thicknesses along its length. Triple butted (TB) is the usual technology with STEVENS high-quality frames.
Tubes with different wall thicknesses are optimally adjusted to certain ways of manufacturing or to withstand specific loads. Where the highest loads occur or where tubes are welded, walls are the thickest. Butted tubes allow frame weight to be lower by several hundred grams.

Optional Mudguard and Pannier Rack Mount

This bike becomes even more versatile when real mudguards are assembled - this threads on the frame and fork are there. Then a multi-layer wardrobe is sufficient to enjoy riding even in awful autumn or winter weather or working-out during a few extra commutes late in the year.

Smooth Welded

Additional step in welding. The first, rippled weld, typical for aluminium, is covered with a second smoother weld. This not only improves looks but also lowers the risk of notches in this spot, which makes the frames more durable.

Tapered Steerer / Tapered Headtube

Fork shaft (or steerer tube) and head tube are tapered, meaning their diameter increases from top to bottom resulting in a conical shape. The diameter needs to be bigger at the bottom since this is where higher stress is applied - especially when the bike has a higher total weight due to luggage or an e-drive and battery. Also tapered steerers feature a smoother force transfer (like forces caused by hard braking) to the downtube than forks with a continuous 1 1/8" diameter.




Aluminium SL 7005 TB
  • O.L.D.: 142 mm
  • Brake: Flatmount disc 6"
  • BB: Pressfit BB86
  • Front derailleur mount: clamp
  • Cable routing: internal (shifting)/external (brake)
  • Fender + rack mounts
STEVENS S-Lite Aluminium
  • Tapered Steerer 1 1/8" - 1 1/2"
  • O.L.D.: 100 mm
  • Brake: flatmount disc
Jeu de direction
STEVENS Race Taper 1 1/8"-1 1/2"
  • Upper bearing cup: IS42/28.6
  • Lower bearing cup: IS52/40
Shimano BR-RS405
  • Hydraulic disc brake
  • Rotor: SM-RT54
  • Rotor size: 160/160 mm
  • Center-Lock


Shimano RS510
  • 50-34 T
  • BB type: Pressfit BB86 / Hollowtech II
Dérailleur avant
Shimano Ultegra
  • FD-R8000-BL
Dérailleur arrière
Shimano Ultegra
  • RD-R8000-SS
  • 11-speed
  • Total capacity: 35 T
Shimano CN-HG701
Shimano Ultegra
  • CS-R8000
  • 11-speed
  • Combination: 11-12-13-14-15-17-19-21-23-25-28 T
Zoom 2.64 - 9.86 m, 2*11


Paire de roues
Fulcrum Racing 700
  • Axle: QR12x100/142 mm
Continental Grand Prix Urban
  • Tire size: 35-622
  • Foldable
  • Black-Chili compound
  • PolyX Breaker

Poste de pilotage

Oxygen Scorpo
  • Width: 600 mm
  • Backsweep: 9°
  • Rise: 0 mm
  • Clamp: 31.8 mm
Oxygen Scorpo
  • Handlebar clamp: 31.8 mm
  • Angle: 6°
Oxygen Havoc
Tige de Selle
Oxygen Scorpo
  • Length: 320 mm
  • Diameter: 27.2 mm
  • Insertion depth: min. 100 mm
Levier de commande
Shimano SL-RS700
  • 11-speed
Levier de frein
Shimano BL-RS600
  • 3 finger
Béquille, garde-boue et porte-bagages arrière adaptables


9,4 kg
48, 52, 55, 58, 61 cm
Couleur (s)
Carrara White
Poid en charge max.
130 kg
  • Bike incl. rider, clothing and luggage

Rapports d'essais

Logo Absolut reifes Fahrzeug

Absolut reifes Fahrzeug


Le Strada est un vélo bien pensé en termes de caractéristiques de conduites et d'attrait, et présente un rapport qualité-prix intéressant.


schematische Skizze eines Fahrrades mit eingezeichneten Geometrie-Messpunkten

Taille cadre (cm) 48 52 55 58 61 Type de mesure
Hauteur tube de selle A1 566 598 622 646 676 nominal
Hauteur tube de selle A2 480 520 550 580 610 Centre de l'axe de pédalier jusqu'au tube de selle
Hauteur tube de selle A3 430 470 500 530 560 Centre de l'axe de pédalier jusqu'au tube horizontal
Longueur tube horizontal B 530 556 577 599 622  
Longueur tube horizontal C 550 579 600 621 644 jusqu'à la tige de selle
Angle tube de direction (°) D 70 71 72 72 72  
Angle tube de selle (°) E 73,5 72,5 72,5 72,5 72,5  
Empattement F 1036 1046 1057 1078 1102  
Longueur tube des bases G 430 430 430 430 430  
Longueur tube de direction H 125 150 170 195 225  
Abaissement axe pédalier I 65 65 65 65 65 Distance de l'axe de pédalier au moyeu
Hauteur pédalier K 285 285 285 285 285 Distance au sol
Courbure du cintre L 45 45 45 45 45  
Slope M 107 98 93 88 88 Tube horizontal: différence de niveau avant/arrière
Diamètre de la roue N 350 350 350 350 350 Pneus compris
Hauteur cadre O 736 770 796 824 852 distance dessus du tube horizontal – sol
Hauteur de la fourche P 401 401 401 401 401 Capots de jeu de direction compris
Distance roue avant – axe pédalier Q 615 624 635 656 680  
Reach R 389 399 413 427 440 Du boitier de pédalier au tube de direction, horizontalement
Stack S 542 570 593 617 645 Du boitier de pédalier au tube de direction, verticalement
Stack/Reach (1:x)   1,4 1,4 1,4 1,4 1,5 Rapport entre Stack et Reach
Diamètre tige de selle   27,2 27,2 27,2 27,2 27,2  
Longueur potence   90 100 100 110 120 Centre-Centre
Angle potence (°)   6 6 6 6 6  
Collier de potence   31,8 31,8 31,8 31,8 31,8  
Entretoises montées   19,4 + 5 + 5 + 5  
Largeur cintre   600 600 600 600 600  
Longueur manivelle   170 170 175 175 175  
    48 52 55 58 61  

* 1/3 de la distance du tube de selle