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"Just go really far for a change."

A year on the bike from Ushuaia at the southern tip of Argentina to Alaska - and cover tens of thousands of kilometres in the process. That's what Antonia and Laura from Göttingen in Germany have set out to do with their Longest Ride project.

The two friends and fellow students want to cycle the Carretera Panamericana, which is considered the longest continuous road in the world. They will cover a good 30,000 kilometres, almost three quarters of the earth's circumference, in the one-year project. In addition to their own (border) experience, they will also collect donations for World Bicycle Relief.

The two geography students have already reached their first donation goal of 2205 euros. With this amount, they are able to finance one bicycle for each country they travel through – which of course is only their minimum goal ... The donation clock is currently at 2300 euros, and with the ambitious goal of 32,000 euros, they could even equip an entire school with bicycles.

Their companion on their journey is the STEVENS Camino Pro. The fast carbon gravel bike should enable Antonia and Laura to reach their average daily goal of 80 kilometres. The bike is light and robust and, thanks to numerous threaded eyelets on the fork and frame, offers ideal conditions for this extreme journey, on which Antonia and Laura will take only minimal equipment in the form of a tent, sleeping bag and camping gear. On the way, they sleep under the open sky - and rely on locals and their hospitality.

The two are equipped by Abus, Ortlieb and Tubus, among others, who provide equipment such as lights, helmets, bags and luggage racks.

Anyone who would like to support Antonia and Laura's fundraising campaign can do so here. Anyone who wants to follow the two on their route from mid-October can do so via Polarsteps and of course they are also represented on social media.

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