Sporty and agile by design, our new e-urban bikes of the E-Strada series offer that special extra in the form of a light and compact e-drive. The sprinty Strada Urban bikes, which combine agile, sporty frame geometry and fast wheels with plenty of steering control and seating comfort, have been real bestsellers in the STEVENS range for many years as classic, non-electric-assisted bikes. Read more …By using the practically invisible Mahle X20 and X35+ electric rear motors, the newly developed E-Strada models now offer dynamic forward drive and natural support for even more carefree progress in the urban jungle. The perfect integration of motor and battery ensure optimal weight distribution and a ride that is virtually indistinguishable from a classic bike. And thanks to the natural yet powerful support, you simply get to faraway destinations in a more relaxed manner. To ensure that you come to a safe stop with so much forward momentum, hydraulic disc brakes are installed on all models to provide responsive and efficient deceleration. The finishing touches are extensive touring kits, i.e. powerful lighting, high-quality mudguards and – on the E-Strada 6.3.4 FEQ and 7.3.4 FEQ functional luggage racks – which make the bikes ideal commuter bikes.

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