Voluntary product recall

STEVENS E-Inception - model year 2021


Hamburg, Oct 11th, 2021

Dear Customer,

the safety of STEVENS bikes is at the forefront of everything we do and is the most important indicator of the quality of our products.

We would hereby like to inform you that STEVENS Vertriebs GmbH is conducting a voluntary product recall for some e-bike models.

Affected are the following models of the STEVENS E-Inception series, model year 2021, with trade delivery date December 2020 to July 2021. Later productions are not affected. Your specialist dealer can reliably inform you whether your e-bike is affected.

  • E-Inception FR 9.7 GTF
  • E-Inception ED 8.7 GTF
  • E-Inception AM 9.7 GTF
  • E-Inception AM 8.7 GTF
  • E-Inception AM 7.7
Shimano EP800 motor and crankset from the manufacturer e*thirteen

These e-bikes are equipped with an EP800 motor from Shimano and an e*spec EP800 crankset from the manufacturer e*thirteen. In a few cases, material cracks have occurred on the shaft of the drive motor in practice. Extensive quality and load tests by an external testing institute prove that the cranks and drive shafts of our above-mentioned production series do not work perfectly together. The combination of EP800 motor and e*thirteen crank passes the prescribed ISO test 4210-8 I 4.6.2. However, extensive corrosion and fatigue tests in accordance with ISO 9227 I 2017-07 revealed the error pattern from practice. In contrast, the combination of Shimano cranks with the EP800 motor passed all tests, including the corrosion and fatigue tests.

Based on the independent laboratory test results, we cannot rule out safety concerns with the installed combination of electric motor and crank set. If a breakage of the drive shaft occurs under higher loads, this can pose a significant safety and injury risk for the rider.

STEVENS Vertriebs GmbH has therefore decided to carry out a voluntary product recall and to check the drive shaft of all e-bikes from this model series and to replace the crankset with cranks from the manufacturer Shimano (FC-EM600). Inspection and replacement take place in our master workshop at the company location in Hamburg and are free of charge for you. The bike will be returned to you in technically perfect condition.

To ensure that this exchange can take place quickly, please contact the dealer from whom you purchased your bike. Arrange an appointment with them to hand over your e-bike so that we can collect it from your dealer.

We will make every effort to carry out the conversion as quickly as possible. At the moment, we assume a processing time of approx. 7 working days. Your specialist dealer will inform you when you can collect your e-bike from him again.

We apologize for the effort and your troubles!

Your STEVENS Bikes Team

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