We confidently stand behind our first class suppliers from all over the world. Yet we claim that the biggest part of STEVENS bikes’ added value is that they are created in Germany. More than 60% of our bikes are assembled in Germany, and at least 85% within the European Union. We assemble all STEVENS wheels ourselves. We have installed a successful Custom Bike Program that makes us market leader in customized racing bikes and cyclocross bikes in Germany - “Made in Hamburg”, of course.


If a Hanseatic citizen has come to like someone, he or she becomes a member of the extended family. Long-term, trusted partnerships are very important to us. Many of our suppliers are business partners that produce in Germany. For instance, the innovative lighting for our city and trekking bikes comes from Busch+Müller located in Meinerzhagen, in the Sauerland region. From the town of Sundern, also in Sauerland, we get our SKS mudguards.

Pinion provides us with innovative 12-speed and 18-speed gearboxes that are real milestones on the path to a longer-lasting bicycle. The legendary Speedhub, a transmission hub that will get you to the end of the world if you want to go there, is made by Rohloff in Kassel. And our pedelecs get their smooth, strong power from motors made by Bosch whose main office is located in Gerlingen.


For twelve months a year, we travel on German and European roads, trails and cycling paths. We rely on a network of 600 specialist retailers in Germany alone, all of whom are ahead of their competition by more than a wheel length in terms of competence and service. We maintain relations with countless loyal customers from whom we’ve received varied and valuable feedback…well before the advent of social media.

This is how we are acutely aware of the requirements as well as the demands of the highly discerning German bicycle market. With this knowledge we can deliver on their wishes. By hitting the nail on the head, we get to enjoy frequent approval ratings on readers’ brand preferences in national magazines.