STEVENS Konstruktionsabteilung



Curiosity is the basic prerequisite. To continuously seek a better solution, more refined specs, the bicycle of the future. To demand that the bike be light, sporty, comfortable and durable is worth every cent. To continuously question and optimize working concepts and technologies for maximum quality of material and riding characteristics at each target price. This is why our lights turn on every morning for the last 25 years – and often go out late at night.


A product is only as good as the conditions under which it is made. This is why our developers have everything they need at their fingertips - from state-of-the-art hardware to cutting edge software. Machines and test benches. Choice of material and lab equipment. Our developers are also given ample time for extensive test rides as well as the freedom to rethink the most solidly proven methods so we stay one step above the competition.


There can only be one motto for a company that has its roots in cycling like we do: Keep going until you have reached the finish line – and ideally you are the first to reach it. We test in-house and work with state-of-the-art hardware and software to ensure for perfect results.

We continue to question our ideas to improve every aspect of the bikes – according to our guiding principle: “Never stop”. Our unique attention to detail has earned us numerous tests wins and awards such as My Bike Readers’ Award 2018 for “Best Complete Bike Brand” for our all-round bikes.


Shared know-how is worth exponentially more. That’s why STEVENS engineers collaborate with certified specialists and trusted partners. Even the tiniest creative innovation can make a world of difference to the rider. Our pannier rack created with the experts at Tubus, for example, is supported by the bicycle frame, while the strut is hidden below the fender for both a clean look and stable ride. With SR Suntour, we introduced thru-axles in the suspension forks of our pedelecs and disc brake bikes for added stiffness and safety.

Some innovations are created fully in-house, such as our new S-Lite rigid aluminium forks. They are not only lightweight and torsion-resistant, but also offer all the desired threaded eyelets. Depending on the model, there’s even a mount for a torsion-resistant and safe 12 or 15-mm thru-axle. Our adjustable dropouts developed in-house securely hold the rear wheel in position on hub-geared bikes, and are easy to handle during assembly. To ensure that your headlight illuminates the road ahead with as little front wheel shadow as possible, we have developed a stable and sufficiently long holder.